Parking at b&b Cà Spiga


On this map you can see a panoramic view over our property and the sorrounding public parkings where you can leave your car for free. All the parking spots are maximum 400-500 meters away from our hotel.

Parking 1

Coming from Como town (you will have the lake on the right and the mountain on the left) turn left direction Torriggia Alta. You can park all along the street in the white stripes parkings. Please do not park in the yellow stripes parkings because they are reserved to the residents. The important thing is that the car is not in the middle of the street or in front of a private gate and that you will remove the car the morning after.

Parking 2

Coming from Como, 50 meters before taking the road direction Torriggia Alta, just after the traffic light on the right hand side on the main road there is a parking where you can leave your car for free the whole day. To reach the b&b you need to walk back direction Como and cross the street by the traffic light. Walk until the end of the alley and take the staircase on the right. You will be next to the garden of our hotel, just turn left and you will see the main entrance of the house.

Parking 3

Coming from Como, 50 meters after Trattoria Bar Sagittario, turn right and take the Via Vecchia Regina (the road that goes by the lake). Drive another 50 meters direction Como and you will be under PARKING NUMBER 2 . You can leave your car on the left hand side from the bus stop (by the two big trees) until the end of the gates of Villa La Punta (this Villa has a big dome that you can clearly see). There is only a little space in front of the gate of the Villa where it is forbidden to park but you can see the signs. From the lower road take the staircase up to the traffic light on the Via Nuova Regina and than follow the directions from PARKING NUMBER 2 to reach our hotel.

Parking 4

Coming from Como on the main road Via Nuova Regina, at the beginning of the hamlet Torriggia, you will see a yellow building on your left hand side. This is where the bakery Pasticceria Lagolosi iS located. You can leave your car for free the whole day in the parking spot before the bakery (by the bus stop) and also after it by the big green bins you also see on the left. From this location you just take the alley on the left of the bakery and walk until the end of the staircase. Once you are at the top you will have buildings on your left and right hand side. Walk another 50 meters and you will see on the right the entrance of our b&b.

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